NF Chat FAQs and Troubleshooting tips are listed below. If you have suggestions for improving them, please email Stewart Newfeld at

What is NF Chat?

Chat Space
NF Chat is a chat platform where people share text messages they type. NF Chat is currently configured for one single chatroom.  People who are logged in have their names appearing in the right hand column.  They type their messages on the bottom and everyone's messages appear in chronological order in the top left. You can also send a private message to a member in chat.

Where do I go to login or register for a user account on ?

Login or Register
1) In the upper right of our homepage select the Login/Register button

register login popup

2) You will get the above pop-up dialog.

How do I get to chat.

Login to our website first ( see above).  Then, from our homepage, hover over "Living with NF" on our top menu and then click the "New NF Chat Room" selection in the right drop-down column

NF Chat Menu Item

What is the account registration form like?

From either of the two places mentioned in the previous quesiton, selecting Register will get you to the screen shown here:
registration form

Fill in all the required information, including the sometimes hard to read Securtiy Code and press the REGISTER button to submit the form.

What happens when I submit the registration form?

As soon as you submit a properly completed registration form you'll get the following notice on your screen.registration complete notice 2

How can I tell if I am logged in or not?

Login or Register

1. You will know you are not logged in when the upper right still says "Login/Register".

Logged In

2. You will know you are logged in when the upper right displas "Logged in as: <YourUserName     Log out"

Access Denied

3.  You will get a message like the above if you go to the NF Chat and you are not first logged into the website.

What if my username and password don't work?

If you try an incorrect username and password you will get the following screen and you can try again. 

incorrect credentials

Remember that both your username and password are case-sensitive and you must use lower-case and upper-case letters just as you did when you first registered.

If you still don't succeed in logging in, then you can reset your password by selecting "Forgot login".  The details for this procedure are in the next FAQ.

Passwords are encrypted before they are stored on our server, so even the system administrators cannot recover your old password.  They can only set a password for you.

Are usernames and passwords case sensitive?

The password for your account is case-sensitive.  A good habit is to always record any passwords you create clearly indicating which letter are upper-case and which lower-case. It is also a good idea to avoid creating usernames and password with the numbers 0 and 1 which you might later get confused with the letters O and l.

Username: mike55
Password: Big-texan

Because passwords are case sensitive, the password Big-Texan will fail to log you in , because the T shoud be a lower-case t.

The username is not case-sensitive.

How can I reset my password?

You can reset your password by selecting "FORGOT LOGIN" from the Login dialog box.


That brings up this dialog which allows you to either retrieve your Username or reset your password.

Lost Username or Password

Check "Lost Password" and additional fields will show to request a password reset.

Lost Password

Enter your Username, Email Address, and the one-time anti-spam security code and click "SEND PASSWORD" to submit your request.

Password Reset Notice

I forgot my username. How can I recover it?

You can recover your username if you still have the same email account you used to use.  Select forgot password:

Select " Lost Username"

Lost Username or Password

Fill in the form

Lost Username

And click "SEND USERNAME".  You should get an email with your username.

Can Autocomplete cause login problems?

Various browsers and browser add-ons offer to fill in forms for you based upon remembered form entries.  This can be fine, as long as you don't change passwords, but it can sometimes be quite confusing when you change your password or request a password reset on and then have a situation where your browser is trying to enter the previous password for you.  The secret is to carefully read any dialog boxes that pop-up during login and learning how to update your auto-complete when necessary.

Are there separate chatrooms for teenagers and adults?

No, by our design, there is only a single chatroom and no way for users to create additional rooms.

My spelling is terrible. Is there a spell checking where I type my chat messages.

There is a built-in spell checker but you are free to misspell.  Most other people are pretty good at understanding misspelled words.  Many people create shorter misspelled versions of words just to type fewer characters.

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