NF Forum 2012

The “NF Forum” National Patient and Family Symposium was created in response to a desire within the NF community to better understand the disorder as well as learn about advances in NF research.  The key objective of the Forum is to facilitate a patient support weekend where all persons living with NF, and their families, can learn about the latest medical advancements, get practical advice on the NF-related issues they face, and learn about resources provided by the Foundation to help families cope with neurofibromatosis.  Some of the topics addressed at the 2012 NF Forum will include: managing tumors, current clinical trial updates, social and emotional aspects of NF, neurocognitive functioning concerns at school and work, insurance issues, and family planning options.  

The NF Forum also offers many opportunities for individuals and families to connect.  Be on the lookout for the kids and teen activities, the "NF Mom's Rock” and “NF Dad's Rock"  social groups. We expect over 250 people from around the world will be in attendance. 

Specific Aims:

•    Unite patients and families with the best NF physicians in the world in order to hear the message of hope that effective treatments for neurofibromatosis will eventually be found.

•    Provide presentations by prominent NF physicians to discuss the latest diagnostics, clinical trials, and management options, while giving patients a forum to discuss any additional questions or concerns.

•    Provide small group sessions so that all participants may share experiences and get practical advice from top physicians and counselors on issues that are of particular interest to them.

•    Provide two tracks of workshops specific to the different forms of NF, one for NF1 and one for NF2 and schwannomatosis.

About the concurrent meetings

This is the first year that the NF Forum and  NF Conference, two pre-eminent events serving the NF community will be held adjacent to each other.  This will provide a powerful new dimension to both gatherings, as researchers and clinicians will see a human face on the disorder they are trying to cure, and patients will meet the dedicated individuals striving to achieve the treatments they so urgently desire.

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