10 Steps Forward in NF Research 2016

Your ongoing support has allowed us to take huge steps forward in 2016 in the fight against NF. Your efforts and contributions have been instrumental in advancing neurofibromatosis research, providing hope for the millions worldwide who live with NF, and bringing us ever closer to our shared goal of ending NF forever.

2017 Young Investigator Award Application Information

Dec 8, 2016, Posted in Awards, NF1, NF2, Schwannomatosis, Science

The Children’s Tumor Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 Young Investigator Award (YIA). Interested candidates can submit their letters of intent, also referred to as pre-applications, via CTF’s online application portal from Dec 12, 2016 to Jan 9, 2017. Initiated in 1985, the YIA is CTF’s longest running award program and provides two-year salary support to outstanding early career scientists worldwide who are interested in becoming independent investigators in neurofibromatosis.


Stories of NF: Michele H.

Nov 8, 2016, Posted in NF Hero, Schwannomatosis

“I learned of my schwannomatosis diagnosis at the age of 32. I have more than 20 tumors and counting. I live in pain daily, but I do not allow this pain to stop me from moving forward. I do worry about the future knowing that I have a tumor on my liver that is growing and inoperable, but I will not let that stop me in helping raise awareness for NF."

Regarding This Week’s Episode of “Scream Queens”

Like the rest of the NF community, we are stunned after watching this week’s episode of “Scream Queens”, titled “Warts & All.” In addition to providing escape and entertainment, television shows have the capacity to teach and make the audience feel something. However, this show needlessly elicited pain and anger in a community seeking nothing more than kindness and acceptance.

Synodos For Schwannomatosis

May 4, 2016, Posted in Collaborations, Schwannomatosis, Science, Synodos


New York, NY, May 4, 2016.  The Children’s Tumor Foundation is proud to launch a new consortium for schwannomatosis, the rarest and least studied form of neurofibromatosis. Based on the Synodos model for NF1 and NF2, the ‘Synodos for Schwannomatosis’ is a multi-tiered project that will bring together basic, translational, and clinical researchers towards the end goal of developing effective treatments for schwannomatosis.

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