University of California, Los Angeles - UCLA

UCLA Multidisciplinary NF2 Clinic
300 Stein Plaza Driveway, Suite 420
Los Angeles, CA 90095
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NF Clinic Network?: Yes
Contact Information:

Scheduling: Phone: 310-825-5111;



Other Inquiries: Phone 310-825-5990;


Clinic Director's Name: Phioanh Leia Nghiemphu, MD, Melissa Reider-Demer, DNP and Marco Giovannini, MD, PhD
Clinic Coordinator Name: Roberta Leyvas, MS
Number of NF1 Patients Seen in Last Year: 7
Number of NF2 Patients Seen in Last Year: 13
Number of Schwannomatosis Patients Seen in Last Year:2
Total number of patients seen last year (includes other related diagnoses): 13
Patient Age Breakdown:4% <18 yrs
96% 18 yrs or older
Does the clinic see adults for routine NF-related care?: Yes
Does the clinic enroll patients for onsite research?: Yes
Does the clinic inform patients about outside research?: Yes


NF Type: NF2, Schwannomatosis
Ages: Adult
Areas of Focus: ENT/vestibular schwannoma, Genetics, Psychosocial