University of Mississippi Medical Center

University of Mississippi Medical Center
2500 N State St., Guyton 2, Suite G751-5
Jackson, MS 39216
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NF Clinic Network?: No
Contact Information:

(601) 984-1400

Genetics : Dr. Friedrich Hans-Georg O. Bock
Neurosurgery: Dr. Andrew Parent

Clinic Director's Name:
Clinic Coordinator Name:
Additional Details:

They do not have a NF Clinic, but they do see NF patients.

Number of NF1 Patients Seen in Last Year: 0
Total number of patients seen last year (includes other related diagnoses): 0
Does the clinic see adults for routine NF-related care?:
Does the clinic enroll patients for onsite research?:
Does the clinic inform patients about outside research?:


NF Type: NF1, NF2
Areas of Focus: