Drug Discovery Initiative

2014 DDI Awards - Application Available

We MUST RECEIVE completed Applications by 5:00 p.m. ET
September 2, 2014

Applications received after this date will NOT be reviewed.

Requests to negotiate PATENT POLICY should be received no later than August 15, 2014

Submission Process

  1. Click on the Download Application button in order to save the Application Form PDF document on your computer
  2. Once completed, you can submit the Application Form by clicking on the Submit button available in the same document
* the form is available as an interactive PDF and requires Adobe Reader.
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Updated March 2014: A more streamlined and efficient path to clinical development can be accomplished by partnering with contract research organizations (CROs). The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) and The Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF) have entered a partnership to provide CTF’s scientists access to a virtual network of drug discovery experts and CROs through the ADDF ACCESS program. Through the effective selection of CROs and use of their services, NF researchers may be able to accelerate their research and bring novel therapies to patients faster. Read more about the partnership Alzheimer's-Drug Discovery Foundation.

Drug Discovery Toolbox

Updated March 2014: The completely new DDI Toolbox is an online list of tools for NF drug discovery - mouse models, cell lines, candidate drugs, etc. for investigators to share resources and establish collaborations. Listing your tools in the Toolbox makes other researchers aware of tools available for NF research, and could provide an opportunity for you to identify future collaborators. To improve the use and sharing of such tools, we introduced this year a new regulation that will make it more transparent and easier to access to any researcher. We added an upfront agreement to CTF standard conditions for the transfer of the tools, as outlined in the MTA in Appendix F of the DDI application. Keep in mind that the tool will be made available only to those who will apply for a new Drug Discovery Initiative Award with the purpose to use it as part of their DDI application.

DDI Recipients 2010-2014

2014 DDI Awardees 

  • Miriam Smith, PhD, University of Manchester, Treatment of Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2) by Exon Skipping
  • Andrea McClatchey, PhD, Harvard Medical School, Preclinical Investigation of Centrosome Unclustering Drugs in NF2-mutant Schwannoma
  • David Largaespada, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Targeting Hyaluronic Acid for NF1-associated Tumors
  • Gregory Riggins, MD, PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Testing Combinations of FDA-approved Agents with and without Radiation Therapy in an NF2 Schwannoma Murine Model

 2013 DDI Awardees

  • Cristina Fernandez-Valle, PhD., University of Central Florida, Creation of Human Merlin‐Null Schwann Cells for NF2 Studies
  • Jean Nakamura, PhD., University of California, San Francisco, Identification of novel targets in NF1 cancers by drug sensitivity profiling
  • Lei Xu, PhD., Massachusetts General Hospital,Effect of TGF-beta blockade in recurrent NF2 vestibular Schwannoma
  • Charles Yates, PhD., Indiana University, Testing Periostin-Cre NF2 Conditional Knockout Mouse for Potential Treatment Compounds Useful for NF2
  • Kate Quinlan, PhD., The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network, Mouse NF1 muscle models for MEKi drug screening and DDI toolkit
  • Aaron Schindeler, PhD. The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network, Addition of a murine CPT model to the DDI Toolkit

2013 Drug Discovery Initiative

The application process for the 2013 the Drug Discovery Initiative awards has closed. The submission process for the 2014 DDI awards will open in late February. Please check back soon for more information.


The Children's Tumor Foundations is pleased to announce that from 2012 the DDI Award levels will increase:

  • $25,000 for in vitro studies
  • $50,000 for in vivo studies
  • $75,000 for Advanced in vivo studies 

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