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 Awareness2016 toolkit

May is NF Awareness Month, a time for members of the NF community to harness their power, drive awareness, educate those around them, and raise money to support research that will lead to effective treatments for neurofibromatosis (NF).

Here are ideas of how you can spread NF awareness in your community this year:

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Awareness2016 wear Awareness2016 wear Awareness2016 wear Awareness2016 wear
our exclusive "I Know a Fighter" and "Born a Fighter" t-shirts Children’s Tumor Foundation on Facebook exclusive NF Awareness Month graphics your profile picture to one that celebrates NF Awareness
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Awareness2016 wear Awareness2016 wear Awareness2016 wear Awareness2016 wear
using fact sheets a photo that shows how you “Picture a World without NF” our NF Awareness Month video a light in your community and add to the growing list of landmarks that will glow CTF blue and green
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Awareness2016 wear Awareness2016 wear Awareness2016 wear Awareness2016 wear
the NF Registry if you or your child lives with NF and double your gift throughout the month of May your posts on social media with #EndNF and add to the conversation in a CTF event or start your own
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You may know people who are not familiar with neurofibromatosis, but can appreciate the strength and perseverance it takes to overcome obstacles and live a full life. Invite them to join us; we’re stronger when we work together to END NF!

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