SYNODOS is a first-of-its-kind NF research collaboration dedicated to defeating the rare genetic disorder neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2). This unique consortium brings together a multidisciplinary team of scientists from twelve world-class labs at academic and medical centers of excellence, who have pledged to work closely together – sharing information, datasets, results and more – at every step in research development, with the goal of speeding up the drug discovery process.

This group of talented researchers come from varying backgrounds – from basic science, to translational science, to clinicians – and have joined together to break down barriers, proactively leverage collaboration and shared knowledge, and work together to develop effective new treatments that will end NF2.

Read the press release announcing Synodos here.

Learn about SYNODOS -- watch the video above, and read the documents below:

 About Synodos-A Turning Point In NF Research The People Of Synodos-The Dream Team
1 About Synodos -
A Turning Point In NF Research
1  The People of Synodos -
The Dream Team



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