Iron Butt 4 NF

Jan 17, 2017, Posted in Awareness, Community, Fundraiser, NF Hero, NF1

By Greg Davis

Iron Butt 4 NF, an odd name for a fundraising event wouldn't you say? If you've ever ridden a motorcycle for hundreds of miles, you can relate to the title.


Many Faces of NF

Jan 12, 2017, Posted in Awareness, Fundraiser, NF Hero

Rachel Mindrup is a professional artist and art educator. Rachel’s son, Henry, was diagnosed with NF at the young age of 4 months old. As Rachel, with her husband by her side, navigated her way through this new world and figured out how to help her son, she discovered a way to help her family and the entire community, using her artistic talents and interest. Click thru to read Rachel’s story in her own words.

10 Steps Forward in NF Research 2016

Your ongoing support has allowed us to take huge steps forward in 2016 in the fight against NF. Your efforts and contributions have been instrumental in advancing neurofibromatosis research, providing hope for the millions worldwide who live with NF, and bringing us ever closer to our shared goal of ending NF forever.

NF NEWS Vol. IV 2016 is now online

Dec 5, 2016, Posted in Awareness, Community, Latest News, Newsletter

The new issue of NF News, the official newsletter of the Children's Tumor Foundation, is now available! In this issue you will find: 

- 2017 Holiday Campaign: Together, we believe we can find an end to NF
- Successful Galas: Evenings to remember across the country!
- New Year, New Strategies: Looking forward in research priorities 
- MEK Inhibitor Clinical Trial Update: Meet the Moss Family
- And so much more!

Regarding This Week’s Episode of “Scream Queens”

Like the rest of the NF community, we are stunned after watching this week’s episode of “Scream Queens”, titled “Warts & All.” In addition to providing escape and entertainment, television shows have the capacity to teach and make the audience feel something. However, this show needlessly elicited pain and anger in a community seeking nothing more than kindness and acceptance.

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