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Our Brand

Childrens Tumor Foundation logo in white


At the Children’s Tumor Foundation, we understand the importance of our brand’s identity and its value. Please handle our logo and other brand elements with the utmost care and respect. We appreciate your support in preserving the integrity of the CTF brand.

For information on brand usage, please view our Branding Guide. For questions, contact the Marketing & Communications Team.

Colors and Font

Coated Paper
Pantone 3015 C
CMYK 100/35/3/21

Uncoated Paper
Pantone 3015 U
CMYK 100/15/4/24

RGB 0/98/155
HTML #00629B

Coated Paper
Pantone 299 C
CMYK 86/8/0/0

Uncoated Paper
Pantone 2995 U
CMYK 89/0/1/0

RGB 0/163/224
HTML #00A3E0

Coated Paper
Pantone 376 C
CMYK 54/0/100/0

Uncoated Paper
Pantone 382 U
CMYK 33/0/85/0

RGB 132/189/0
HTML #84BD00

A list of different fonts with different names.

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