Fight NF Your Way.

Make a difference in your community in the fight to end NF by creating your own fundraiser for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. With the help of our regional staff, you can plan an event around your interests and talents to help fund NF research.

Utilize your creativity and your passion to find a cure to bring your fundraising idea to life. If you can imagine in, you can do it. Hold a bake sale, host a cocktail hour, put on an auction…the possibilities are endless! 

Upcoming Events

End NF With Ian Desmond Baseball Game - Miami

Mar 30, 2019
6:10pm - 9:10pm • Miami, FL

End NF With Ian Desmond Baseball Game - Tampa

Apr 2, 2019
7:10pm - 10:10pm • St. Petersburg, FL

Bowl-A-Thon to benefit CTF

Apr 13, 2019
2:30pm - 5:00pm • Staten Island, NY

Style Social Benefit

Apr 14, 2019
9:00am - 11:00am • Northbrook, IL

End NF With Ian Desmond Baseball Game - Atlanta

Apr 27, 2019
7:20pm - 10:20pm • Atlanta, GA

Step 1: Choose an Event

You can choose to put on a true "do-it-yourself" event, where you put your creativity skills to work and fully design your fundraiser.

Or, you can select one of our other fundraising event options. We've created the framework, and you have the flexibility to customize and make the fundraiser your own.

Need help choosing the option that's right for you or your community? Our CTF staff partners are here to help; contact a representative in your region under "Meet the Team" above for more assistance.

DIY Event

With a traditional DIY Event, you create your own fundraiser from start to finish. Find your passion, know where your interests and talents lie, and choose an event that works for you. Select a hobby you love to honor your loved one!  Not sure what to do? See our list of Fundraising Ideas to get you started.

Once you have your idea in place, click on the link below and fill out the form with the event information. A CTF staff member in your region will reach out to you to discuss your event, help you set up your fundraising/event webpage, and get you on your way to reach your goal. Every DIY Event is asked to raise a minimum of $1,500 to further our mission to end NF.

DIY Kids

Even our littlest fundraisers can make a big impact! The DIY Kids program gives children 12 years and younger the opportunity to get involved in our mission to end NF. Plus, they can earn a variety of awesome Fundraising Prizes

Parents: help your kids get started by signing up below (you will be directed to our DIY Kids fundraising website). A CTF staff member in your region will reach out to you to discuss your child's event, help you download fundraising pledge forms or use your fundraising webpage, and get your child on the way to reach his/her goal.

Step 2: Plan and Raise Funds

Plan: Find a venue, organize activities, secure sponsorships or donations, and promote your event. We'll help you with tips, tools, and advice. 

Participating in a DIY NF Endurance event? Make sure to register on your own for the race!  (you may be eligible for race entry reimbursement)

Fundraise: Fundraise leading up to and on the day of your event by spreading the word about your fundraiser and asking others to give a gift.

Please note that each event type has different required or suggested fundraising minimums, as well as fundraising incentive levels. See details above or check with your regional CTF staff partner for more information. 

Celebrate: Whether in person or virtually, invite family and friends to celebrate those who are fighting NF.

Step 3: Utilize Resources

We know that organizing an event can be stressful. Use these resources and best practices to navigate through the event planning process. Contact your Regional Development representative with any questions or concerns - we’re here for you every step of the way!

Need merchandise or CTF collateral for your event? Submit a Merchandise Request Form and we will do our best to fulfill your supply needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DIY event?

A Do-It-Yourself Event is a community event organized by a third party with proceeds benefitting the Children’s Tumor Foundation. 

What tools and resources are there to help me plan my event?

While you are the one bringing your fundraising idea to life, we're here to support you and provide some tools and resources that can help make your event a success.  If requested, you can get access to an online fundraising page for your event to collect donations, or a registration page if your event requires tickets or sign ups. We also have templates for marketing and advertising materials you can use to promote your event.

Will CTF pay for expenses associated with my event?

CTF is not able to pay for expenses, provide funding, or cut a check back to the event organizer as reimbursement for expenses paid. Instead, consider offering sponsorships to cover expenses or soliciting in-kind donations for event materials.

Can CTF advertise my event?

CTF will post your event on our national calendar, and may include your event in emails to your region. We can also provide templates for marketing materials, such as flyers and press releases, which you can customize and use to promote your event. Don't forget one of the best ways to spread the word is through personal outreach to friends, family, and members of your community.