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Blue and Green Circle Giving Society

Thank you for paving the way toward effective treatments and improved lives for all those living with NF.

About Blue and Green Circle

Blue and Green Circle members support CTF with donations or fundraising of $1,000 or more each year. As a member, you’ll enjoy various benefits, depending on your level of financial support, including early access to event registration, in-person and virtual tours of research facilities, access to talks with CTF-funded researchers, and personalized recognition opportunities.

View the Blue & Green Circle brochure to learn the giving levels and benefits.

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Impact of the Blue and Green Circle

We are breaking the barriers of NF research and living in a time when FDA-approved treatments for NF are not just a hope, but a reality. Our Blue & Green Circle members are paving the way toward effective treatments and improved lives for all those living with NF through their continued financial support.

We take pride in maintaining the highest integrity to allocate donor dollars wisely, consistently meeting or exceeding the standards of other nonprofits. We want to end NF  by connecting the unconnected in novel and untraditional ways. Our innovative approach attracts the brightest minds in research and industry to NF, accelerates the pathway from discovery to treatment, and includes the voice of the patient every step of the way.

Blue & Green Circle Donors

The Children’s Tumor Foundation is tremendously grateful for the continued support of the many individuals, corporations, foundations, and communities that make up our Blue and Green Circle. The success of the Foundation and the improved lives of millions living with NF is because of you.

For a complete listing of our 2022 Blue and Green Circle members, view our donor scroll in the CTF 2023 annual report by clicking one of the links below.

Blue & Green Circle Donor ScrollDownload our 2023 Annual Report



(neurofibromatosis type 1)



(NF2-related schwannomatosis, formerly called NF2)




Become a Blue and Green Circle Member

We are deeply grateful for our Blue and Green Circle members' commitment to CTF. Their efforts have helped improve the lives of millions of people living with NF worldwide. However, our work is not yet done, and we are counting on our donors and fundraisers to find breakthroughs in treatments for all manifestations of NF. It is because of our supporters that we have come so far, and we look forward to an even brighter future together.

You can become a Blue and Green Circle member by donating or fundraising $1,000 or more each year:

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Ways to Give

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Contact Us

For questions or more information about the Blue and Green Circle, please contact our Donor Relations Team. We can’t wait to speak with you!
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