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Finding a Healthcare Professional

Because NF involves many different systems of the body, many healthcare providers from several different specialties may be involved in providing NF care. This is done most conveniently at an NF Clinic, which specializes in the treatment of NF.

Many NF clinics offer coordinated care so that specialists are in communication with one another. Sometimes patients can see more than one healthcare provider in the same day. These may be physicians, advanced practice providers, and other types of providers. 

On this page you can search for clinics that have been accepted into our NF Clinic Network, as well as other specialists throughout the country who are familiar with NF.

A female doctor holding a stethoscope.
There are many things you may consider when choosing a doctor or clinic. These may include any of the following:

  • Location of the clinic – ease and cost of travel to the clinic
  • Specialists and types of care available
  • Types of patients seen – diagnosis (NF1, NF2-SWN, or SWN) and ages (adult vs. pediatric)
  • Physician experience and expertise in NF
  • Number of patients seen annually
  • Clinic involvement with CTF and the NF Clinic Network
  • Opportunity to participate in research
  • Insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs, especially if the doctor or institution is not within the provider network
  • Available options of other clinics or institutions
  • Referral by the NF community – people living with NF in your area may recommend a certain doctor or clinic because of a good experience

If you need assistance finding appropriate NF care, please contact our Patient Support Manager Kate Kelts, RN at