About NF Awareness Month

The Children’s Tumor Foundation celebrates NF Awareness Month and World NF Awareness Day (May 17th) for lots of reasons: to put NF in the national (and international) limelight, to foster hope in the NF community, and to create wonderful fundraising opportunities for the innovative NF research supported by Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Watch this video to see all the great things our community did to spread NF awareness!

For questions or more information about NF Awareness Month activities, contact the Communications team at media@ctf.org.

Shine a Light on NF

Shine a Light on NF is a grassroots initiative that brings NF awareness into the community by lighting up buildings, bridges and monuments in blue and green.


Obtaining a proclamation from your governor, mayor or city council is a wonderful way to raise awareness about NF. Click below for a toolkit and a list of the cities and states that are recognizing NF Awareness Month and World NF Awareness Day.


This is a sampling of our exclusive NF Awareness graphics. Change your social media profile picture and spread the word in May! You can also view more CTF logos and graphics on our Branding page.















Change Your Profile Picture

Change your Facebook profile picture on social media to one that celebrates NF Awareness! A new downloadable profile frame will be coming soon, or you can download one of the badges above.

Download Resources

Visit our Resource Library to get materials which you can use to spread the word and educate others. Download Children's Tumor Foundation logos, read our branding guide, and view CTF and NF fact sheets and brochures.

Enter Our Photo Contest

Details on the 2019 Photo Contest coming soon!  You can view the 2018 Photo Contest submissions here.


Wear your NF Awareness on your sleeve! Or your back! Or your head! You can purchase exclusive Children's Tumor Foundation merchandise by visiting our online store.

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For questions or to request more information on NF Awareness Month, please contact us at media@ctf.org.