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Clinical Care Advisory Board Launched to Help Improve NF Patient Care

By August 27, 2020January 3rd, 2024Global, NF Clinic Network (NFCN)

CTF Europe has pulled together leading NF Clinicians from the top NF centres across Europe, with the critical goal of improving and standardising care for NF patients. This newly formed 16-member Clinical Care Advisory Board (CCAB) is a key advancement in NF care. The CCAB will collaborate with the clinicians from EUPEARL, the European NF group and the European Reference Network (ERN).

Pierre Wolkenstein, MD, PhD (France) and Rosalie Ferner, MD (United Kingdom) will be the Chair and Vice Chair of the CCAB, respectively. Scott Plotkin, MD, PhD (Chair of CTF’s CCAB in the United States) is a member of the CCAB of CTF Europe and Pierre Wolkenstein is a member of CCAB of CTF US. The two CCABs will collaborate and leverage each on other’s initiatives in order to improve patient care worldwide.

Name Geography Specialty NF#?
Amedeo Azizi Austria pediatrician/neuro-oncologist NF1
Cecile Rustad Norway genetics NF1, NF2, SWN
Cornelia Potraz Germany pediatric neurologist NF1
Eric Legius Belgium genetics NF1, NF2, SWN
Eva Trevisson Italy genetics NF1, NF2, SWN
Gareth Evans UK genetics NF1, NF2, SWN
Ignacio Blanco Spain genetics NF1, NF2, SWN
Juha Peltonen Finland genetics NF1
Michel Kalamarides France surgeon NF2
Pierre Wolkenstein (Chair) France oncologist/ dermatologist NF1, SWN
Rianne Oostenbrink Netherlands pediatrician NF1
Rosalie Ferner (Vice Chair) UK neurologist NF1, SWN
Said Farschtschi Germany neurologist NF1, NF2, SWN
Shruti Garg UK Child psychiatrist NF1, NF2, SWN
Sirrku Peltonen Finland/ Sweden dematologist NF1
Viktor Mautner Germany neurologist NF1, NF2, SWN
Scott Plotkin USA- Chair CCAB neurooncologist NF1, NF2, SWN