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International Schwannomatosis Database Collaborators Meeting at the NF Conference

The International Schwannomatosis Database Collaborators meeting is a time for people interested in research relevant to any aspect of schwannomatosis (i.e. basic science, clinical trials, translational work, social science, etc.) to come together to discuss potential research ideas, develop collaborations, and explore how best to utilize the ISD to power research, as well as how to potentially increase the reach of the database. This meeting is open to anyone interested in furthering research in the field of schwannomatosis. Many collaborators enroll patients into the database from their clinical site, but this is not necessary for participation. Please contact Amanda Bergner at to register for this meeting. For more information please visit


The NF Conference is the premiere event in the NF clinical and scientific community. This year’s Conference is being held in Washington, D.C., from June 7th to June 10th. For more information and to register for the NF Conference, please go to