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Introduction to the NF Accelerator Initiative

The NF Accelerator Initiative represents the next evolution in the Children’s Tumor Foundation’s model of scientific collaboration in finding treatments for NF1, NF2, and schwannomatosis. Historically, the challenge for researchers studying NF, and for patients, has been so little was known about this extremely variable disease. Patients were told to “watch and wait” to see what would happen as their tumors grew.

This is why the NF Accelerator Initiative is so important! CTF’s focus on promoting collaboration is breaking down barriers and speeding progress. Please enjoy the comic strip below, which is a fun introduction to the NF Accelerator Initiative for all ages. (Click below to download a pdf of the comic.)

Special thanks to the Haughton family for their generous support of the NF Accelerator Initiative. Please join them in the fight to End NF and visit