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Q&A: NF Mom Kim Laret on Organizing a Powderpuff Game to End NF

By November 30, 2017February 28th, 2024Awareness, NF1, Ways to Give

In October 2017, Ohio NF Mom and CTF volunteer Kim Laret organized the first powderpuff game to raise money for critical NF research at the Southwest Licking Youth Football and Cheer Football Field.

Children’s Tumor Foundation: Why a powderpuff game? How did this fundraiser come to be?

Kim Laret: Our older son has played in this youth league since he was in first grade and this is his last year. So many families have supported us and our journey with our NF Hero Quentin. Each year the league chooses a charity to support and this year I asked if CTF could be that charity. In prior years, I was the Columbus NF Walk Organizer and Southwest Licking Youth Football and Cheer had always donated a free registration for the raffle and sponsored a mile marker. This was a natural transition for both of us. I organized the Powderpuff game and activities to raise both money and awareness in our community. I cannot tell you how blessed we feel that not only did our youth league in a small little town outside of Columbus, Ohio raise money, but they have embraced both of our children. They have cried, prayed, and watched our boys grow. We will forever be grateful for the opportunity to raise money for CTF with their help.

Tell us about your family and your NF Hero.

Quentin Laret is our NF Hero! He was diagnosed at 15 months old with NF1. Quentin has a plexiform tumor on the right side of his face and head, and has had over 10 major surgeries with even more complications. He has been on two trial studies and was one of the original 30 on the MEK Inhibitor AZD6244. He was on that trial for 3 years and 8 months, just recently giving his body a break. He will be re-scanned in January. He is a 10 year old boy with a heart of gold. Witty, too, he lights up a room with his crooked smile.

If you were starting a fantasy powderpuff team, who is your dream quarterback?

If Quentin could have a fantasy football quarterback, he would choose Jon Cena or THE ROCK…they both do a lot with charities and are really cool dudes, according to Quentin! They are awesome athletes and have really good attitudes. They donate their time and ask for nothing in return. They are leaders!

Is there anything else you want to mention? 

Between the walks and this event we have raised close to $90,000 in four years! This is our way of giving back. We are not in a place to write a large check, but we can donate our time and energy to fund more research. We have seen firsthand the importance and benefits of research. It has given our son hope and a quality of life that we would not trade for anything!