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Stories of NF: Ashley V

By June 20, 2023December 4th, 2023Awareness, NF1, Story of NF

Ashley was diagnosed with NF1 at three months of age and had her first major tumor debulking surgery at age two. Ash’s internal tumors have increased dramatically over the years and she has been disabled physically since the age of 17. Her father and I are heartbroken for her pain, but honored to care for such a wonderful young woman.

When Ashley was twelve years old, she began having leg pain and went from doctor to doctor for several months, as she suffered from pain that went untreated. When one doctor finally ordered an MRI of her legs and the results were tumors covering her sciatic nerves, she stood in the middle of the doctor’s office crying, asking if NF was going to cause her to die. At that moment, we knew that our family had to fight for Ashley and everyone else who was diagnosed with NF, raising awareness about NF and raising money for treatments! Ash is our NF warrior and our hero!

Ashley never went to college, got a driver’s license, dated or lived on her own. She is unable to work as the extreme fatigue from the tumors and the pain leaves her in bed. Ash loves others without prejudice, and has numerous online friends who she cherishes. She dreams of being well enough to be a mother, but that dream is fading. She loves God and believes that she will live again, without the pain from NF, so that she can realize her dreams! Ashley is happiest when she hears from her friends and her family, via text, social media and snail mail! 

Favorite Song
Gone So Young by Amber Pacific

Dream Superpower
Healthy teeth because she has lost hers due to NF.

Fun Fact
Ashley has one green eye and one hazel eye!