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Stories of NF: Keirsten W.

By July 19, 2017December 5th, 2023NF1, Story of NF

Keirsten is a nine year old girl who loves her family and friends. She was diagnosed with NF1 at birth. She had many of the signs and symptoms: multiple café au lait spots, neurofibromas on the skin, freckling under her arm and groin area, a tumor behind the left eye (optic glioma), skin defects, and short bones.

Living with neurofibromatosis has affected everyday living. Being asked why do you have so many spots on your body? Why do you need help with that easy work? Remembering the simplest things to do daily. Being bashful and worried what people might say or think. Not being able to wear certain clothing or shoes.

Our family is very supportive and always there for Keirsten. Family encourages her to stay strong and continue to pray and trust God and never doubt.

Keirsten lives with her mom, dad, her brothers Marcus, Gary, Garyuntae, Garian (a fifth brother, Martavius, passed away in a car accident), two nephews and one niece. Keirsten loves school and is in the 4th grade. Keirsten loves to read and play teacher and doll house.



Superpower Magic… to stop all the killing in the world and make a cure for all sick people

Favorite Food Hot wings and mashed potatoes

Hobby Gymnastics and dancing