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Stories of NF: McKinley A.

By May 21, 2019February 5th, 2024NF1, Story of NF

McKinley was only a few months old when she was diagnosed with NF1.

McKinley is now eleven years old, has five tumors in her back, one on her foot and two on her leg. She inspires others to keep moving and grooving and never stop what you love. Sure, she might need a break but always tried to do everything and does her best. McKinley got accepted to the Friends of Jaclyn program in January and was matched with the UCCS women’s lacrosse team. She goes to games, practices, text and sends videos. McKinley loves having 25 big sisters now who support her and hang out with her!! They did not know from looking at her that she had NF or what it was so it’s great that McKinley can teach people about it and show them that no matter what she is like everyone else!

McKinley is a huge fighter! She never cries or lets her NF get in her way! This girl never stops! McKinley knows she is different from other kiddos but no matter what she always participates and goes above and beyond. McKinley was diagnosed with a tumor on her foot in October but still signed up and is playing floor hockey at school!



Motto Light and truth

Dream Vacation Hawaii

Superpower Shape shifting