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Stories of NF: Meadow J

By July 6, 2023December 4th, 2023Awareness, NF1, Story of NF

First diagnosed at 6 months of age. Developed an optic glioma at three years of age. Then, at age six, she had a golf ball sized tumor removed from the middle of her right brain and promptly went into a year of chemotherapy, and physical and occupational therapy. She’s been receiving scans every six months for the last decades. In the last few years, she’s additionally been diagnosed with Moya Moya and suffered a hospitalizing seizure.

NF is simply a part of Meadow. Her earliest memories are attending NF conferences and receiving hospital scans. Meadow doesn’t see NF as a hindrance but something that she’ll have to evolve and persevere through.

Meadow was released from the hospital after her brain surgery exactly on her sixth birthday. She literally ran out of the hospital entrance right in front of her oncologist. One might say, while NF can be a loss of innocence for a child, she wasn’t going to let that moment define her perspective of the world.

Meadow is currently homeschooled as a freshman in high school. She loves to shop for vintage clothes and resale the items online. She’s an avid artist through painting and jewelry making. Being creative and using her hands in those creations brings her great joy.

Favorite Song
Full Moon, Empty Heart by Belly

Dream Superpower

Favorite Food
Cheese-stuffed gnocchi

Fun Fact
Swifty, her pet Australian Shepherd, was her gift post neurosurgery and has been her best friend throughout her NF journey over the last decade.