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Tristan Vierra – Featured NF Hero for May 2016

By May 26, 2016February 5th, 2024Awareness, NF1, Story of NF

“Tristan was diagnosed at age two with spontaneous NF1. He is now five. He has hundreds of cafe au lait spots, Lisch nodules, and freckling. He does not appear to have any further complications at this point, but we visit his genetics specialist at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) once per year and an ophthalmologist quarterly.

“Tristan loves to play board games, baseball, basketball, and ping pong. He also likes riding his bike and hanging out with his older brother, Chance. In school, he enjoys reading and math and he’s great at both! His favorite food is pizza, his favorite TV shows are “Quiz Time”, “Leap Frog”, and “Team Umizoomi”, his favorite movie is “WALL-E” and his favorite book this week is Snow Babies by Laura Ellen Anderson.

“We love Tristan very much and feel extremely lucky to have this NF Hero in our family!”

Help Tristan fight NF here

Sarah, Edward, and Chance Vierra, Tristan’s family