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Volunteer Leadership Council Awards 2021

By August 11, 2021January 17th, 2024Awards & Grants

The Children’s Tumor Foundation Volunteer Recognition Awards are one of the many ways that CTF recognizes and honors our incredible volunteers annually. We are pleased to share seven brand new categories of volunteer recognition this year, each of which is modeled after one of the CTF Core Values. CTF lives and breathes its core values. They are the DNA, guiding our behavior and actions as we work with each other, our partners, including our volunteers, and the NF community. It only made sense for the Volunteer Recognition Awards (VRAs) to align with them.

An amazing group of Volunteer Leaders were eligible to receive awards. There are nearly 150 men and women in 40 different states who make up the Volunteer Leadership Council (VLC). They are CTF’s public ambassadors for patient education and community outreach, our connectors, our community leaders, our fundraisers, our event organizers, our strategic partners, and champions of advocacy and awareness. We couldn’t do what we do without them and we are grateful for the many ways that they make NF visible every single day as our partners in the fight to End NF.

This form of recognition highlights only a select group of volunteer leaders, who were nominated by staff and VLC leadership and who were voted on by their peers. And because they were chosen from among such an illustrious crowd (the entire VLC), we feel they’ve already won. In fact, each and every CTF volunteer deserves to be applauded for being the movers and shakers that they are. Congratulations to our 2021 VRA nominees and thank you to everyone who identifies themselves as a Children’s Tumor Foundation Volunteer in the present, in the past, and for all of those who will come in our future. We are awed by your passion, drive and dedication to the NF cause and humbled by your commitment to fight alongside the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Together we will End NF.

Your 2021 Volunteer Recognition Award Winners are:

Mission Driver Award Lynne Black, VA

Mission Driver Award Kelly Carpenter, UT

Mission Driver Award Renie Moss, AL

Go-Getter Award Emily Tseffos, WI

Make NF Visible Award Rachel Mindrup, NE

Leadership Award Teresa Williams, VA

Leadership Award Lara Mukabenov, NJ

Leadership Award John Schafer, NE

Innovator Award Ginger Marshall AR

Innovator Award Teresa Williams, VA

Team Player Award Stephanie Jaramillo, CO

Shining Star Award Lynne Black, VA

Shining Star Award Jessica Contreras, CA



“I became involved with CTF when my son was diagnosed at 8 weeks with NF1. When my husband and I heard the diagnosis we immediately Googled and stumbled upon CTF’s website. We knew this was the only way to have a sense of control and positive involvement in the diagnosis of our son Jackson.

As a family, we have participated in numerous NF Walks and endurance events (mostly Rob). I have been co-chair of the Long Island walk, have been involved in planning local events and served on awareness committees as well. Most recently I helped to create the Classrooms that Care STEM curriculum with CTF and I am probably most proud of that.

My favorite thing about volunteering is all the amazing families we have met along the way. The community that CTF creates provides the support any parent or patient could need. It allows us to work toward a common mission while also having mutual understanding for what we all face and go through. The friends I have made on this journey with CTF are my second family!”

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