Grants & Funding

The Children’s Tumor Foundation is the leading nonprofit funding source of NF research in the world. Through the implementation of the Foundation’s research initiatives, progress is being made on all fronts and for all types of NF; from discovery studies — understanding the molecular signaling deficits that cause the manifestations of NF — to the growth of preclinical drug screening initiatives and the emergence of a growing number of clinical trials. The Foundation advances research through strategically integrated programs that speed therapies from the lab to the patient.

Research & Development Tools

The Children's Tumor Foundation gathers and shares the tools that NF researchers need in their search for treatments for neurofibromatosis. Tools such as the NF Registry, an online database of patient submitted data, which allows researchers to better understand the course of NF. The CTF Biobank is a centralized, open-access repository where patient tissue (such as blood and tumor samples) and matched clinical data is stored for future research use. The NF Data Hub and the Discovery Toolbox are collected tools the Foundation makes available for researchers searching for drug treatments for NF.  

Research Network

The Children's Tumor Foundation fosters collaboration among research leaders and clinicians so that the latest and most advanced information is disseminated among medical professionals and the general public. NF experts come together at our annual NF Conference, and are encouraged to collaborate and share their data. The Foundation develops partnerships with experts in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry. Always eager to grow our network, CTF also directs patients around the country to specialized NF care.