The Discovery Toolbox is an online list of tools for NF drug discovery, such as mouse models, cell lines, candidate drugs, etc. These tools allow investigators to share resources and establish collaborations. It is expected that, unless legally prevented from doing so, DDI Awardees will make tools developed under their DDI award available through the CTF Discovery Toolbox. CTF also strongly encourages researchers to voluntarily submit tools that are created outside the scope of their funding from CTF. To improve the use and sharing of such tools, an upfront agreement is in place to standardize conditions for the transfer of the tools, as outlined in the MTA available for download in the DDI application. Investigators who will decide to make their tools available in the toolbox will be notified by CTF if the tool is requested, and CTF will coordinate the final agreement between the two parties.  

A link to the CTF Discovery Toolbox Submission/Request form will be live soon.