About NF Camp

NF Camp is the annual summer camp of the Children's Tumor Foundation, dedicated to teens and young adults living with neurofibromatosis (NF). For over 20 years we have hosted this week-long experience for teens and young adults ages 12 to 25. NF Camp takes place on the third or fourth week of July (6 nights/6 days) in Salt Lake City, Utah.

NF Camp is not just about the fun-filled activities, it is a chance to make lasting friendships with other people who understand what it's like to be a young person with NF.

Get the Facts


Teens and young adults ages 12-25 who are living with NF1, NF2, or schwannomatosis.


Exciting activities for all interests and abilities! Off-site trips include a Water Park, Amusement Park, Go Karts and Laser Tag. On-site activities include horseback riding, hanging out, ropes course, a talent show and the ultimate team-building event, Survivor Day!


Community, support, friendship, and fun! Opportunities are endless for teens and young adults the instant they arrive at NF Camp. Often for the first time, campers can talk freely about living with NF, share their experiences, and make long-lasting friendships. At camp they don’t have to worry about the next MRI or doctor appointment; they can be kids - have fun and enjoy life!

Dates and Location

NF Camp 2019 session dates:

  • Week 1: July 20-26 will be hosted for our older campers 18-25 years of age 
  • Week 2: July 27- Aug 2 will be hosted for our younger campers 12-17 years of age

NF Camp takes place at Camp Kostopulos (Camp K) in Emigration Canyon, Utah on 25 beautiful acres in the canyons outside Salt Lake City. This campground has a full-time nurse on site and caters to individuals with special needs, providing a wide array of recreational activities to accommodate all ages and abilities.

Camp Kostopulos Dream Foundation (Camp K)
4180 Emigration Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Apply to Attend

Please note this is a two part application. One online form, and one set of documents to be printed, filled out, and returned.

All applications must be submitted with results from their physical signed from the camper’s primary physician. A full physical is mandatory for all those attending camp. Your physical must list the camper’s medical regimens and need-to-know details. Camp K has an RN on staff who meets with each camper to discuss any medication regimen.

Online Form >

Participant Information/Physical Form >

Tuition and Scholarship

Tuition is $650 per camper, which includes room and board, food, and activities. Travel arrangements are not included. Scholarships are available upon request.

We would never want an NF Hero to be unable to join us at NF Camp due to financial burdens. We are so grateful to have scholarships provided by Royal Bank of Canada Foundation, Bob's Discount Furniture, SMPS Family Fund, and donors like you. For a scholarship application please email jpantoliano@ctf.org.

For UK travel scholarships please visit The Neuro Foundation.


If you live nearby or are taking a road trip to camp, we can arrange for drop-off and pick-up times. Campers flying in must arrive and depart before 2pm on travel days. If this is difficult, we will try to work with your circumstances.

On Travel Day, Camp K Directors will meet all campers at the airport just outside the gate as they get off the plane. Directors will be in CTF blue T-shirts, allowing them to be safely identified. From there, campers will grab their luggage and hang out in the food court together as they wait for the other arriving campers. All campers wait for one another, submerging them into the NF Camp community from day one! Once the last camper arrives, all campers will take camp vans back to camp to get settled in. ​

Fundraising for NF Camp

With over 100 campers, we are proud to say this past camp session was our largest yet! As the number of campers grows, so does the need for more scholarships, counselors, transportation, offsite activity tickets, and more. To allow NF Camp to continue to grow and benefit even more NF Heroes, we have started the NF Camp Fundraising Program.

Fundraising is not mandatory to attend camp, but we encourage each camper to raise what they can. Campers who are part of the NF Camp Fundraising Program will be recognized for their efforts! Join the movement and start fundraising or donate to NF Camp today!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Each year we invite those living with NF, of every background and ability, to get away from the stresses of life and enjoy a week of fun at NF Camp. Help bring this unique experience to all who wish to attend by becoming an NF Camp sponsor today! Your participation as a sponsor will have a life-long impact on a young person's life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my child sleep?

Each program accommodates 40 campers, and is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. There are two cabins for sleeping arrangements: one for boys and one for girls.

Are cell phones allowed?

Emergency phones are located on Camp K grounds. Children may bring cell phones, but they may only be used at a specific time each day to phone home. We want campers to immerse themselves into camp life, and disconnect from outside distractions.

How do I sign up for NF Camp?

By downloading the application above, or by emailing a request for an application to jpantoliano@ctf.org.

Who will take care of my child’s medical needs?

Camp K has an RN on-staff, who meets with each camper to discuss any medication regimen.

What is the camper to counselor ratio?

Our ratio is at most 5:1; each group of campers creates a relationship with our counselors and sticks with them all week!

What if my camper wants to come home midweek?

This is very rare, but if need be, it is upon the parent or guardian to arrange new travel plans for the camper. Camp K and CTF will make sure we can get them to the airport, as needed.

How can I encourage my reluctant child to attend camp?

Show them our brochure, our website, and videos. Additionally, NF Camp has many return campers who are willing to talk to NF Heroes about this amazing opportunity.

What if I am too nervous to send my kid to camp?

We understand you may be more nervous than your child about going to camp. Rest assured, the days will be full of fun activities that are well-supervised, and that your child's medical needs will be managed. If you will like to talk to another family about the NF Camp experience, please reach out to our NF Camp manager.

What do we pack for NF Camp?

We encourage all campers wear comfortable and sporty clothes. Once we receive and accept your application, we will send you a suggested packing list.

What is your camp discipline policy?

We have all campers sign a Code of Conduct before camp, so they are aware of our camp standards prior to arriving. At NF Camp, we have a three-strike rule. First instance, campers talk with a counselor as a warning for their actions. Second, Camp K and CTF speak with the parent regarding behavior, and the camper is required to sign a final notice behavioral contract. Third, arrangements are made to send the camper home at guardian's expense. We understand that the behavior of one camper can have a significant impact on the group, so we are committed to ensuring that our campers show respect for one another and for our staff.

What happens in a medical emergency at camp?

There is an RN on site at all times. Additionally, Camp K has a wonderful relationship with Utah’s Children Hospital, only minutes away. Parents are always contacted, and campers are in good hands. CTF has all insurance information on file for campers from the camper’s application.

Can I switch sessions after my child is enrolled?

Session changes can be made as long as space is available. However, sessions fill up quickly, and changes are not always possible. There are no fees for making session changes, unless full scholarship has been received and flights have already been booked. 

Do you have a menu to accomodate food allergies or picky eaters?

Dietary requirements must be specified on the application in order for Camp K to have proper food available for your camper.

Should I give my camper spending money?

Spending money is not mandatory, but is encouraged for when campers want a little extra something on our offsite activities. We suggest no more than $50.

What if my camper does not want to do a certain activity?

Campers are encouraged to do their best and step outside of their comfort zone, but participation is not mandatory.

Thanks to our Partners

Our partners make it possible for us to continue to host NF Camp and provide this unique experience to kids and teens living with NF.

If you would like to help support NF Camp, please contact Julie Pantoliano at jpantoliano@ctf.org.

Royal Bank of Canada

SMPS Family Fund

Bob's Discount Funiture Charitable Foundation, Inc.

American Express Foundation

Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of the State of New York

The Neuro Foundation