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The Children's Tumor Foundation mission is to end NF through research. The funding directed toward this critical research comes from donors like you. Your generosity makes real progress possible.

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An unrestricted gift to the Children's Tumor Foundation directs resources to where they are most needed.

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Support the efforts of our fundraisers by making a donation to a participant, team, or event. Click below and you'll be directed to a page where you can search across our organization for an individual, team, or event.

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By making a recurring gift to the Children's Tumor Foundation, you provide a steady stream of much-needed funds - on a monthly basis or whatever is most comfortable for you. A recurring gift allows you to express your support of our mission more fully than may otherwise be possible. If you would like to set up your recurring gift, please contact our Gift Processing Team at 646-738-8548 or

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Giving a gift in tribute to friends, family members and loved ones helps you celebrate their accomplishments and keeps treasured memories alive. A tribute gift is a meaningful way to honor someone special while benefiting research supported by the Children's Tumor Foundation. To make a tribute gift, please contact

Support CTF at Work

Double the impact of your donations! Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. To find out if your employer has a matching gift policy, use our employer search tool through the link below. Or contact your employer’s Human Resources department and ask whether your company matches employee donations to Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Planned Giving: The NF Legacy Society

You can leave a legacy while at the same time supporting the mission of the Children's Tumor Foundation. We can assist you with giving strategies that maximize your financial, estate, and tax-planning goals. Please contact Melissa Sosa-Longo at 646-738-8549 or

Other Opportunities

You can make a contribution to the Children's Tumor Foundation every time you shop on Amazon. To get started, simply visit and select CTF from the list of available charitable organizations. AmazonSmile uses your same existing Amazon account and remembers your favorite charity for every future purchase. Remember to shop using the specific website for purchases to be eligible (bookmark the page)!


Find the best coupons and deals to your favorite stores (including Amazon, Target, Macy's, Best Buy and more), and when you shop a donation gets made to the Children's Tumor Foundation. It's easy! Visit to get started.