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10 Steps in NF Research in 2014!

By December 17, 2014February 26th, 2024Video

There’s only one word to describe 2014… and that’s awesome!

The number of registrants in the NF Registry doubled! Synodos for NF2 sprang into action, accelerating development of NF2 treatments. And, in Washington, D.C., the largest gathering ever of NF doctors and patients took place, fostering innovative collaboration and providing essential support.

It is on account of the generosity and the passion of the NF community that we are able to fund critical research into neurofibromatosis and provide crucial resources to those living with NF.

Check out our latest video showcasing some key steps in NF research from 2014. Then, scroll down to the bottom to read more about each step bringing us closer to effective treatments.


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