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2011 NF Forum!

By July 30, 2011December 5th, 2023Awareness, NF Summit

The NF Forum officially commensed last evening following an exciting day of Chapter Council meetings.  Zachary, a young man who has taken the challenges of NF and made overcoming them an opportunity to be extraordinary, delivered the featured speech of the evening to a rousing response.  Mike Max, a Minnesota sports broadcaster and television personality, delivered the keynote and spoke of the courage and compassion of the NF community in a speech that was truly inspiring.
And really that’s what last night was all about: inspiration.  We are at an inspiring time in our search for treatments and a cure for NF.  Our community has come together in a way that had never before been the case.  Our national programs are connecting families from all over the country — children and adults, individuals with NF1, NF2, and schwannomatosis —  to support one another and work toward treatments together, our Clinic Network continues to improve care for those battling the manifestations of NF, and, most importantly, our research programs are accelerating the development of treatments that will drastically improve the lives of those living with NF.
In its third year, inspiration has always been a hallmark of the NF Forum, but never more than this year in Minneapolis.  Stay tuned all weekend as we bring you videos, pictures, and updates from the NF Forum.  Prepare to be inspired.