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2023 Top Ten Advancements in NF Research

By December 19, 2023January 26th, 2024Featured, Science & Research

Anchored to the CTF strategic plan and reflective of our mission, the Children’s Tumor Foundation’s Top Ten Advancements in NF Research are laying the groundwork to better the lives of the over 4 million people living with NF. These advancements are accelerating the path to approvals, so 2024 will be a time of abundant scientific exploration and research advancements.


The Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF) 2023-2028 Strategic Plan is a blueprint for scientific discovery, fostering collaboration, and catalyzing advancements in NF. Our pledge is an unwavering commitment to pioneering research, innovative funding, and groundbreaking drug development for all types of neurofibromatosis or schwannomatosis. We’re bringing the best minds in research and industry to NF, accelerating the pathway from discovery to treatment, and including the patient’s voice at every step.

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To download a copy of the Top Ten Advancements in NF Research, click the image below or click HERE. 

To support innovative NF research, visit