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5 Reasons to Sign Up for

By August 19, 2010December 5th, 2023Awareness

5. ‘NFormation’ – Get updates on all the latest iNFo. Once you’ve signed up for the site (create an acount here) come back to the blog and input your email address on the right hand side.  This will allow you to receive all the latest updates on NF research, management options, clinical opportunities and NF-in-the-news stories.

4. Support – Join our chat room and talk with other individuals affected by NF, share experiences and make friends in real time. The chat room is a popular place for individuals who live with NF to share the challenges and triumphs they experience.

3. Feedback – Become a content creator. Once you’ve joined the site you can contact CTF staff and request access to add content to your Chapter or Affiliate state page with any events and/or symposia that you may be involved in.

2. Communication – Post questions to the discussion board, discuss management options, share concerns and triumphs, get to know others, join the community.

1. ExclusiveQ&A with Dr. Kim – Every couple of months Dr. Kim Hunter-Schaedle, the Foundation’s chief scientific officer, will offer a Q&A section through our discussion board.  After signing in questions can be asked here and Dr. Hunter-Schaedle will select 5-10 questions to answer.