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Letting Good Take Flight to End NF

American Airlines Data Experts Dedicate Charity Day to the Children’s Tumor Foundation

Motivated by the credo to “care for people on life’s journey”, over 135 data technologists at American Airlines (AA) came together for a Charity Day dedicated to the Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF), where they spent the day building a data warehouse for the Foundation, bolstering its mission to End NF. In a ‘hackathon’ style setting with plenty of coffee and pizza at hand, the ‘data do-gooders’ dedicated their world-class technological and analytical skills to help CTF staff analyze donor data, identify information gaps, create data visualizations, and help CTF improve its constituent outreach and engagement through enriched information strategies.

Under the American Airlines banner of “Let Good Take Flight”, the American Airlines team was inspired by colleague and fellow data team member, Patricia Ptasznik, who has a personal connection through her daughter, who was born with NF. Initially envisioned as a way to utilize individual skillsets in order to help CTF, the idea caught attention across AA’s cross-functional data teams and grew into a high-energy gathering dedicated to improved understanding and analysis of available data. By leveraging their skills that fuel AA’s customer-focused success, the AA team members ‘stretched their wings’ and applied that unique knowledge to the nonprofit space on behalf of CTF and NF patients.

The day was a win-win all around: CTF staff received insights and expertise that will serve the Foundation in its future planning and growth, and the AA team engaged in a high-impact event that supported team-building, problem-solving, and giving back. The day also serves as a model for how corporations and nonprofits can work together to solve important problems.

The charitable (and fun) spirit of the day was captured in this video and photo album.


In addition to the immense gratitude we have for the support of the American Airlines team, we also send big thanks to all the other partners, participants and donors to Charity Day: Matillion, Snowflake, Teradata, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services. Their participation, including an additional 15 employeees from their organizations, brought together over 150 people on Charity Day in the fight to END NF.