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Ava Lowell – Featured NF Hero for September 2016

By September 22, 2016February 5th, 2024Awareness, NF1, Story of NF

“My seven-year-old daughter, Ava, was diagnosed with NF1 at six months old. Since then, she has not had what one would call a ‘normal’ childhood; at least 15 MRIs, countless doctor appointments, numerous ophthalmology tests, many NF Clinic visits, and struggles every day in school. She has optic nerve tumors, a cervical spine tumor, several plexiform tumors underneath her scalp and throughout her neck and clavicle, plus learning disabilities. To hear my daughter talk about the many tumors in her body is absolutely heartbreaking, but Ava is strong. The obstacles she has encountered and overcome have made her one of the most incredible little girls I know.

“Ava’s favorite subject in school is Computer Lab, favorite book isWhere, oh, where’s my Underwear?, favorite movie is “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and her favorite activity is swimming. Ava loves to swim; oceans, lakes, pools, hot tubs – pretty much any body of water!

“My daughter teaches me lessons every day. I am so privileged, honored, and proud to be her mommy!”

Dawn Lowell, Ava’s mother