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Boston in Our Hearts

By April 16, 2013December 5th, 2023Awareness

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families affected by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. Our hearts are also with the heroic people of Boston, who time and again have displayed engaging community spirit, shown infinite resilience in times of challenge, and demonstrated fortitude and perseverance from the earliest days of the founding of our nation, to the senseless events on April 15th.

In times like this, we are reminded of the adage from a famous Bostonian – President John F. Kennedy – that we all inhabit the same planet and breathe the same air. In this spirit we encourage all to work toward peace, dedicating our communities to healing and recovery.

You may be aware that the Children’s Tumor Foundation NF Endurance Team participated in the Boston Marathon. We are relieved to report that many team members had already finished the race safely, while others were stopped on the course prior to Boylston Street. Thankfully none of the NF Endurance runners, their family members, or CTF’s staff were harmed.

In the coming days we will continue to pray for all those injured and the people of the great city of Boston. We also extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives.

You are on our minds, and you are forever in our hearts.