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Children’s Tumor Foundation and Advocure Collaborate to Fund Synodos for NF2

The Children’s Tumor Foundation and Advocure for NF2 are proud to announce a collaboration to fund Synodos for NF2. Synodos is a highly integrated, multidisciplinary consortium of scientists from varying backgrounds – from basic science, to translational science, to clinicians – who are working together to develop treatments for NF2 in a highly informed and highly collaborative manner.

Synodos is CTF’s most comprehensive and ambitious project designed to advance treatments for NF2 to date. The collaboration between Advocure, which will fund $25,000 of the first year of the project, and CTF is another example of the growing continuity of the NF community and shows the power of the two organization’s shared commitment to finding a cure for NF2. CTF is committed to funding $3M worth of research in the next three years with Synodos and is currently looking for additional funders interested in this transformative project. For more information please visit