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Children’s Tumor Foundation Introduces Legacy Society

By December 4, 2013December 5th, 2023Awareness

John Heropoulos: CTF Staff Member, Legacy Society Member

I turned 50 years old a couple of months ago. My parents, who are both in their mid-80’s and going strong, kept nagging me (nothing new) as I was approaching this milestone age about going to an attorney and having my last will and testament drawn up. They have mentioned this before, but after dutifully listening to them over the past several years, I would always ignore their advice.

Well, there was something about turning 50 that made me start thinking about my mortality. I decided to make an appointment with a lawyer and take care of the business of writing my will. I sat down in his office and we filled out some initial paperwork. He then asked me to go to a private conference room with a blank sheet of paper and list the things that were important to me. He told me that all of my loved ones were already included in the draft of my will that he had drawn up. He wanted me to focus on other things that were precious to me and that I would want included in my will.

I began to reflect upon my life and the first thing I wrote down was the Children’s Tumor Foundation. I am not exaggerating. Why did I think of this so quickly? The answer is simple. Because I feel deeply in my heart for all those who suffer from neurofibromatosis. Because I have seen many people in the NF community who have overcome unimaginable challenges in their lives. Because, unfortunately, I have also seen many lives cut short by NF. Finally, due to the years that I have worked at the Children’s Tumor Foundation, because I know that all funds, large or small, that are donated to NF research are wisely spent and directed to the best purpose: Ending NF.

As I contemplate what I will leave behind, I find the deepest satisfaction and peace knowing that I will continue to be a part of a mission in which I believe, finding a cure for neurofibromatosis.
The Children’s Tumor Foundation is proud to announce our Legacy Society for individuals interested in making a lasting difference in the lives of those battling NF through bequests and other planned giving options. If you are interested in more information about this program and/or if you have or are planning to put Children’s Tumor Foundation in your will, please contact Garrett Gleeson at or visit