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Children’s Tumor Foundation Offers $75,000 Awards for Schwannomatosis Research

Schwannomatosis is the least well understood form of neurofibromatosis and also the rarest, affecting an estimated 1:40,000 persons. It causes tumors to grow on peripheral nerves throughout the body and severe, untreatable pain.  In 2007 the first candidate schwannomatosis gene was reported but there is much to learn and understand on the path to developing treatments. Since that time CTF has been at the forefront of leading schwannomatosis progress investing over $600,000 in projects including  genetics, animal model development, preclinical drug testing and establishing a Schwannomatosis International Database.  As well as funding research, CTF has accelerated progress and collaboration in this area by hosting a series of expert consensus meetings, the most recent in June 2011 from which a state-of-the-field report is being developed for publication.

As an outcome of the June consensus meeting, CTF announces a request for Applications for Schwannomatosis Awards up to $75,000. Funding may be requested for ANY research in any area of relevance to advancing schwannomatosis; areas of emaphasis are Genetics, Cell Biology & Translational Research; and Clinical Research. Applications must be received by Monday October 3rd, 2011.For more information visit