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CTF partners with health company to accelerate funding research proposals

Leidos, a health, national security, and engineering solutions company, recently announced a new initiative that will match high-scoring, unfunded National Institutes of Health (NIH) proposals with private biomedical foundations and/or industries seeking to fund promising research.

The Children’s Tumor Foundation is thrilled to be a founding partner in OnPAR (Online Partnership to Accelerate Research), which will give foundations access to peer-reviewed research proposals that directly relate to their funding priorities. In addition, industry will have access to a rich pipeline of early stage and translational research proposals that align with its priorities, while applicants with strong research proposals will be provided with a second opportunity to secure funding. The foundations, industries, applicants, and NIH all will benefit from this synergy.

“We’re excited to be a part of the OnPAR initiative, which will give us the opportunity to access a first-rate source of proposals that could have a tremendous impact on NF research,” said Salvatore La Rosa, Children’s Tumor Foundation Vice President, Research and Development. “Being in this arena also enables CTF to create partnerships around specific NF proposals that are otherwise difficult to setup.

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