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FasterCures Visits the Children’s Tumor Foundation

We’re very excited that Kristin Schneeman, Program Director at FasterCures, visited the Children’s Tumor Foundation offices in New York last week. Just like their name states, FasterCures works to accelerate the process of discovering and developing new therapies for disease, and Kristin is responsible for their innovation portfolio of activities. Her focus is on best practices in the funding and conduct of medical research and innovative collaborations among players in the research enterprise. During her visit, the Children’s Tumor Foundation Science Team provided an update on the Foundation’s new and innovative business model, geared towards advancing treatments for NF through collaborative and leading-edge strategies — including Synodos (a unique consortium of 12 NF research centers working together for a cure), NF Disease Pathway Maps (generated in partnership with Thomson Reuters), the Foundation’s R&D services, NF Registry (now at 3,100 and counting, and already generating results), and the NF Biobank. We’re grateful that FasterCures has previously highlighted the Foundation in its Innovator Spotlight / TRAIN initiative (The Research Acceleration and Innovation Network), and we look forward to further collaboration. Thank you FasterCures for the essential work you do in raising the profile of critical medical research, and thank you Kristin for taking the time to meet with us!

Science Team with Kristin
(l-r) Patrice Pancza (CTF Program Director, Research), Kimberly Scobie (CTF Scientist), Kristin Schneeman (FasterCures Program Director), Annette Bakker (CTF President and CSO), Pam Knight (CTF Clinical Program Manager), Salvatore La Rosa (CTF R&D Director)