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Fellowship in Computational Modeling of Neurofibromatosis / Schwannomatosis

As a CTF-sponsored fellow, you will have the opportunity to work within the Synodosprogram, a group of talented researchers with diverse backgrounds – from basic science, to translational science, to clinicians – who have joined together to break down barriers, proactively leverage collaboration and shared knowledge, and work together to develop effective new treatments. The Synodos initiative is actively building a comprehensive NF data resource, including functional drug screens and high-throughput omics (protein, RNA, DNA) across cell lines, mouse models, and patients. This rich data resource will serve as the backbone for multiple projects and novel analyses. In addition to the analysis of NF, you will also manage novel, CTF data and oversee the implementation of the data into the Sage data platform. Other duties will include performing correlation studies between NF and potential malignant cancer studies, ‘request for application’ (RFA) creation for biological validation, literature validation or devalidation of hypothesis.