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First Synodos Network Meeting Hosted by CTF

Earlier this month, more than 70 researchers, clinicians, patients, staff, and other experts gathered in Palm Beach, Florida for the first Synodos Network Meeting, hosted by the Children’s Tumor Foundation. The individual groups that make up the Synodos collaborations have been meeting and collaborating throughout the year, however this was the first time that the principal investigators from all consortia were in the room together. Supported by the Jin Hua Foundation, the joint gathering of key leaders from all of the Synodos initiatives provided a unique opportunity to share research updates and exchange views on specific Synodos-related matters. Essential input was also gathered from CTF stakeholders, including patient representatives, donors, and board members.

The theme of the meeting was Synodos: The Art of Ending NF, and included the vibrant artwork of former NF Ambassador Jeffrey Owen Hanson. This video was played during the welcome session:

Synodos is the Children’s Tumor Foundation’s unique research collaborative, where unpublished data is shared, resulting in a faster and more efficient translation of top findings for clinical benefit. Click here to read more about the different projects.

Principal Investigators from all Synodos consortia gathered in their exclusive ‘Art of Ending NF’ tee-shirts. 

Researchers paused their agenda to view the video above