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Happy 3rd Birthday CTF Europe!

By November 7, 2021January 3rd, 2024Global

Today marks the third anniversary of the formation of Children’s Tumor Foundation Europe, which launched in Brussels on November 7, 2018. Even if CTF Europe’s work was complicated because of COVID, it has been hard at work driving research, expanding knowledge, and advancing care for Europeans living with neurofibromatosis (NF).

This past year, European activities have been focused on four fronts:  co-leading the team that is developing platform trials for NF in Europe (EUPEARL); building an NF clinic network as well as a clinical trial network in Europe in preparation of the roll-out of the new platform trials; raising awareness for NF at the European level by actively participating in public consultations, and launching a new educational program entitled iNFer. The iNFer program is aimed at training non-NF experts in NF. The masterclasses are offered in 7 languages in parallel. Tell your doctors!

In collaboration with some partner patient associations, we are rolling out the translation of the NF registry in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian. Thank you APNF, GerNF, and LINFA for partnering with CTF Europe to make the NF registry available in Portuguese, French and Italian!

On this ‘Happy Birthday’ for CTF Europe, we are more than ever united in our efforts to End NF!

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