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HDAC6 Inhibitors – Commercial Collaboration Opportunity for Neurofibromatosis Researchers

Acetylon Pharmaceuticals, a new biotech company developing technology from Harvard and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, is seeking neurofibromatosis researchers to assess its selective small molecule, orally administered inhibitors of HDAC6 in preclinical models of neurofibromatosis.  While Acetylon’s initial clinical priority is multiple myeloma, there is potential benefit of non-isoform specific HDAC inhibitors for treating neurofibromatosis.  Acetylon would be interested in a proposal from a leading academic group to screen the Acetylon portfolio of compounds, which could possibly lead to a clinical trial in NF as early as late 2011 or 2012, by which by time there should be Phase Ia clinical data available in myeloma providing evidence of safety for in vivo HDAC6 inhibition with Acetylon’s lead drug candidate. For more information contact Dr. Kim Hunter-Schaedle at CTF –