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Jeff Hanson Wins Kohl’s Kids Who Care Award

By August 4, 2009December 5th, 2023Awards & Grants, Awareness

Congratulations to Jeff Hanson, a Kansas City artist who in a competition that drew 180,000 entries,  was been named one of ten winners of the Kohl’s Kid Who Care Scholarship Award.

In 2006 we profiled 12 year old Jeff in our newsletter (page 4).  Jeff has NF1, and although an optic glioma had impacted his sight, he grew his lemonade stand into Jeff’s Bistro, and donated the proceeds to the Foundation for NF research.

Jeff began creating note cards for sale at his Bistro and they were a huge hit.  Jeff now sells a full line of beautiful cards online at

Food’s loss is art’s gain, as Jeff began devoting his full attention to painting and expanding into larger works.  He has grown into an accomplished artist, with his works collected by Sir Elton John, Harold Ramis and many Kansas City collectors.

See  Jeff’s work and read more about his personal story at

He is an amazing young man, and proof that one doesn’t need 20/20 sight to have incredible vision!