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Make NF Visible: Marcus

By May 12, 2022December 4th, 2023Awareness, Newsletter, NF1, Story of NF, Video

When Marcus was diagnosed with NF1 at just two months old, he was the only person in his family with NF. Because NF is so unpredictable, Marcus and his family had no way of knowing how it would affect him.

But Marcus has never let NF stop him from pursuing his goals and following his dreams. He graduated high school and went to college, and as an adult has become active with the Children’s Tumor Foundation, attending many fundraising events to benefit the Foundation’s mission to end NF through research.







Video Transcript:  

My name is Marcus and I have neurofibromatosis type one. 

People that know me know I have NF, but those who don't know, can't see the signs or symptoms. I don't have a lot of neurofibromas or a lot of café au lait spots that's visible to the world, but I do have some things that kinda stand out between others. So, when I walk into a room, I'm kinda nervous, first of all, of how people are gonna see me and how they're gonna perceive me. So, I'm just making sure I focus on the things that I accomplished in the past and remember who I am and that I'm a fighter, that I'm a good person. 

NF affects people in so many different ways. However, we all are different, all are special in our own way. I fight NF by being the best person I can be, by being my true self, by just going and living my life, being resilient, doing things, challenging myself. 

When people see this and they ask me about who I am and I start telling them my life story, that's motivating them. So, I fight NF by just living my life and just doing the best I can in every area and just spreading the word. 

My name is Marcus. I want you to see me and see NF.

Pictured on the right with Brianna Worden, the Children's Tumor Foundation 2020 NF Ambassador, for the Make NF Visible photo series.