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National Volunteer Week 2017

By April 24, 2017February 28th, 2024Awareness

Volunteers are a driving force behind the Children’s Tumor Foundation. In both big ways and small, you can get involved to make a difference in the lives of those living with NF.  National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to show gratitude and to recognize the CTF volunteers, who donate their time, talent, voice and support to the NF cause in their communities.

Board Members

Children’s Tumor Foundation volunteers are a driving force behind the Foundation. In both big ways and small, you can get involved to make a difference in the lives of those living with NF.  Those volunteering to serve on our National Board of Directors represent a broad spectrum of expertise and serve as the governing body of the Foundation.  Not only do they meet several times throughout the year to make decisions regarding policy, direction, growth and development, but they also run marathons, organize fundraising events and find a multitude of other ways to help end NF.

Volunteer Leaders

Have you attended an NF Walk, Little Heroes Race, awareness sporting event, NF family meet up, proclamation signing, or other fundraising, awareness or community building activity? Chances are that each of those was organized and executed by one of the Children’s Tumor Foundation Volunteer Leaders!  Our Volunteer Leaders work tirelessly to connect NF families, raise research funds, and provide education and support to the communities they serve. We are so grateful for everything they do to #EndNF!

Active Volunteers

It takes a village to organize and pull off a successful event and the Children’s Tumor Foundation has a whole fleet of Active Volunteers who serve on committees, solicit donations, request proclamations, sell tickets, and help to find sponsorship opportunities.  This group frequently works under the radar, supporting the work of event organizers, making connections and creating awareness or raising funds for research. They are often our next generation of Volunteer Leaders. We couldn’t do it without them!

Event Day Volunteers

Where there is an NF Community Event, there are many volunteers who sign up to donate their services so that the event can be possible. Face painters, registration and check in people, food handlers, characters, balloon sculptors photographers and raffle ticket sellers are just a few of the many people who pitch in to create the final product.  Next time you attend an event, join us in saying a huge thank you to all of the Event Day Volunteers!

If you would like to find out how to get involved in event day service for Children’s Tumor Foundation, click here.