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New Adventure: A First-time NF Camper Looks Ahead

By July 12, 2016December 5th, 2023Awareness, NF1

NF Camp is an annual summer camp dedicated to young adults who have been affected by neurofibromatosis. This year marks the 20th anniversary of this week-long experience for young adults ages 12 to 22. We asked a first-time camper, Paige Martinez, to share her thoughts about the adventure she’s about to partake in.

My name is Paige Martinez. I’m from California and when I was 3 months old I was diagnosed with NF1. I’m 15 years old now but when I was in elementary school I knew another little girl with NF2. We lost touch after a few years but now I get another chance to meet a bunch of other kids with the same issues as me! Personally, I think this will be amazing and one of the best things that could happen to me.

I don’t necessarily feel alone with my condition, but I get the chance to meet kids who know what it’s like to have a childhood of hospitals and MRI visits. Kids who won’t sympathize and make my condition seem something to be sad about, when honestly I’m thankful to have an opportunity to meet younger kids who may feel alone and make them smile and know that I am there for them.

I feel that NF camp will be an amazing heartwarming experience for kids my age, younger and older. In my fight with NF1 knowing it’s just part of who I am and living with the condition can help me be a better person with a bigger caring heart. I will be able to share my experiences and to listen to others stories that I can totally relate to.

I am 100% ready and very excited to go to camp!

We’ll hear from Paige again when she returns home from camp! For information on NF Camp, please