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NF2 Meetup: Progress Update on the NF2-INTUITT Clinical Trial

By May 18, 2023December 18th, 2023NF2-SWN, Science & Research

This NF2 Meetup was titled “NF2 Meetup: Progress Update on the NF2-INTUITT Clinical Trial.” Recorded live in May of 2023, this NF2 Meetup discussed an exciting progress update on the NF2-INTUITT clinical trial, a first-of-its-kind platform trial dedicated to treatment for NF2-related schwannomatosis (NF2).

The first drug entered into the NF2-INTUITT trial was Brigatinib, which showed promise as a result of CTF’s groundbreaking Synodos for NF2 research collaboration. CTF has proudly continued this investment as a co-funder of this trial. This webinar shares the latest on this promising progress, and CTF’s commitment bringing more drugs into the platform trial.

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