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NFE Athlete Spotlight: Carly Berger

By May 20, 2022December 4th, 2023NF Endurance, Ways to Give

I spent two years working as a clinical research coordinator at Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C, where I worked with children with NF1 and their families.

I am running the NYC Marathon with the NF Endurance team because I have seen the positive impacts that the Children’s Tumor Foundation has had on the families I worked with at Children’s National.

Growing up, my parents, brother, and I always went to the track near our local high school on Sunday mornings. Those Sunday mornings at the track truly sparked my love for running. It wasn’t until I moved to D.C. that I started running longer races like half marathons and 10 milers. Now, having recently moved to Baltimore for graduate school, I use running as a way to explore my new city and embrace the Baltimore community. Running allows me to truly disconnect from screens and technology, and it helps me to be present in the moment. I am so excited to continue my involvement with CTF – this time, through running!  

If you would like to run the NYC Marathon with Carly or sign up for another race with the NF Endurance team, visit